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Emerging technologies: New revenue opportunities for African telcos


By MARIAM ABDULLAHI ALTHOUGH Africa’s largest telco operators are generally showing growth in their customer bases, it is public knowledge that revenue growth has somewhat stalled to as little as 1 percent year on year. This means that despite attracting an increased number of customers, the amount each of these customers spend, is decreasing. In […]

SMEs: Avoiding the way of the digital dodo

Tracy Bolton SAP General Business

By TRACY BOLTON DESPITE being a buzzword in today’s market, disruption is nothing new to the business world. A quick glance at the Fortune 500 is proof: of the companies featured on the 1955 list, only 12% were still on the list in 2015. The rest were acquired by a larger competitor, filed for bankruptcy, […]

Workplace skills to get you top in age of AI

Likun GM Huawei Consumer Business Group SA

By LIKUN ZHAO GM Huawei Consumer Business Group SA, PEOPLE seem to be rather dichotomous in their thinking when it comes to predicting the specifics of an AI-driven future, especially when it comes to the world of work. It has been suggested that machines will either take everyone’s jobs and render humanity useless, or they […]

Shifting gear to digital transformation

ANDRIES van STADEN Managing Director: Innovation Group South Africa

By ANDRIES van STADEN TECHNOLOGICAL advances abound and are disrupting industries across the globe. The rise of the connected customer is transforming the traditional automotive landscape and creating an increased demand for connected vehicles that conform to cost and lifestyle demands. Balancing the demands of a digitally advanced consumer base, a waning economy and shrinking budgets, the […]

ECONOMIC VIEW: Can you save money while repaying debt?


by STEPHEN DAVIES ECONOMIC recession can trigger some serious soul-searching when it comes to personal finance. With an economic downturn, everyday people can expect to experience rising costs of living and more uncertainty when it comes to employment. This means that it’s more important than ever to take stock and get a handle on finances […]

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