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Business demands ways of unlocking trapped value

Kabelo Makwane, Managing Director of the Accenture Cloud First business in South Africa

by KABELO MAKWANE THINK about a typical South African business and you’ll likely be thinking about a company where everything, or nearly everything, remains insourced. From HR to finance, supply chain and procurement, an ‘in-house’ mindset often pervades. At the same time, when management is focused mainly on the business’s ”core” operations, the upshot is […]

The (r)evolution of the smartphone:  from feature phone to intelligent device

AKHRAM MOHAMED Marketing Director: Huawei Consumer Business Group South Africa

by Akhram Mohamed  MOBILE devices have come a long way since the days of the brick cellphone, so-called because of its massive battery, which the phone needed so that it would have enough power to reach the nearest cell tower. Back then, in the 1980s, it didn’t really seem possible that over four billion people would […]

ICT investment, partnership key to fuelling Africa’s digital growth

LI PENG President: Huawei Southern Africa Region

By LI PENG President: Huawei Southern Africa Region RAPID advancements in information communications technologies (ICT) over the past 20 years have substantially altered the ways in which people live, work, play and interact with one another. The World Bank’s World Development Report shows that ICT has a positive effect on a country’s economy, with a […]

Form vs function:How design aesthetics have evolved in mobile phones

AKHRAM MOHAMED Marketing Director: Huawei Consumer Business Group South Africa

by AKHRAM MOHAMED WHEN cellphones first entered the market in the 1980s, it was obvious that form had been sacrificed on the altar of function. There was nothing remotely aesthetically appealing about the good old ‘brick’, from   its bulky body, to its scrawny pull-out aerial, to its bland black hue. Luckily, the brick is long gone […]

Improving Healthcare Outcomes with Artificial Intelligence

Jennifer Esposito

by JENNIFER ESPOSITO  PREDICTIVE analytics can save lives. Healthcare has always come with the fine balance of prioritising care and allocating scarce resources. Providers are faced with tough decisions about how long doctors or nurses see patients, who occupies their limited number of hospital beds, or how to distribute precious resources like donated organs. If […]

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