Idle mind is the devil’s lair



AN idle mind is the devil’s workshop, goes the saying in the Holy Book.

“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Idle lips are his (devil’s) mouthpiece,” Proverbs 16:27, confirms.

True. Idle minds are dangerous and easy to manipulate. The devil, in most cases makes use of such idle minds to accomplish his wicked schemes throughout the world today.

An analysis of unemployed young ladies or men will attest to that.

There are millions of these around the world.

A majority of them either into alcohol abuse, drug abuse or engage in sexual immorality! When one is seriously intoxicated, they behave in wayward manners that always lead to regrettable outcomes.

While not all are into alcohol, sex or drug abuse, as long as the youth find themselves without anything to do they tend to do wicked things, worst of all, deplorable.

Nigeria, where the Boko Haram has initiated a reign of terror that has claimed thousands and displaced more than 2 million is an example.

Idle youth have been lured by the sect and indoctrinated to carry out attacks on their fellow countrymen.

Thus, usually, when you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything.

This can explain why an idle mind must be discouraged.

Even married women and men, who have amazing wealth, as long as they don’t do anything inspired by the Word of Jehovah God, tend to abuse their resources for wicked things, usually with negative outcomes.

That is why I always encourage the young and old to seek Jehovah God in most of their times to avoid abusing themselves so that when the right opportune time comes their way, they are never exhausted or abused.

Eventually, when the right opportune knocks at their doorsteps, they would either have worn themselves out or indulged in untold sufferings that led to regrettable outcomes through bad companies, abuse of their bodies through intoxicating drugs or alcohol or suffered irreparable damage of their bodies through diseases as a result of unprotected sex.

That is why I always encourage both young men and young women, who find themselves out of employment or without anything to do with their lives, to commit most of their time to worshipping Jehovah God.

When one commits or dedicates most of their time to worshipping Jehovah God, surely, the Almighty Jehovah will surely answer one. The results of committing or dedicating time to Jehovah God are always desirable or admirable.

This is why I always unhesitantly point out that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop while idle hands are the devil’s tools.

Whenever you find yourself in idle moments, these are the very same moments you should start committing or dedicating your time to Jehovah God so that when the right cord strikes, you shall surely not regret the outcomes.

Instead, when one waits in the Lord, there are 100 percent chances of celebrating for the long wait or worth-cause.

Glorious opportunities always come the way of people who endure, persevere, and steadfastly but patiently wait.

I therefore encourage young and old, youth in particular, to be always kept busy in the Lord or occupy yourselves with school work so that you will stay out of trouble.

Usually, a worthless man devises mischief; and in his lips there is a scorching fire.

As Proverbs 16:29 reads, “Wickedness loves company—and leads others into sin, or an evil man deceives his neighbour and leads him into loss.”

It is of concern that unmarried women today advertise themselves on websites for commercial sex yet there are other positive and meaningful ways of generating cash without selling their bodies.

Some married women and married men, despite richly blessed with money, properties, cars and all sorts of successes, always drive through streets to try and engage in sexual immorality, alcohol abuse or sponsor things that are wicked.

When one commits or dedicates their time to Jehovah God, one starts using his or her wealth wisely by donating to the poor, especially widows and orphans.

After reading this write-up, I challenge you brother, sister, father and mother to commit your precious time to the Almighty Jehovah God.

I say, amen and amen!





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