The power of prayer revealed amid distress

CAJ News Africa CEO, Mr Savious-Parker Kwinika

CAJ News Africa CEO, Mr Savious-Parker Kwinika

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – PRAYER works wonders.

I tried it. It worked.

It happened in the heart of Johannesburg near the busy Park Station in Braamfontein after daring thieves stole my wife’s purse containing all her life belongings including hers and our children’s documents.

Among the documents stolen include university certificates, passport, ID, driver’s licence, two smartphones and our two children’s birth certificates.

The theft happened while my wife and her friend called Mai Panashe, who were left clueless, shell-shocked and motionless after the theft, were packing groceries to take home while I had gone to a nearby shop to buy another grocery (Shangaan) bag.

Upon my return, the rank marshals, commonly known as ‘mahwindi’ in Shona, immediately alerted me about what had transpired.

I could not believe it!

Within a short space of time I left my wife taking out her belongings, including bags from my car boot so that they could embark on MVI bus to Harare, the thieves had pounced on the unsuspecting women and stole her purse.

No violence was used. The thieves were so smart in executing their devious plan.

The ‘hwindisi’ who witnessed the incident said five men approached my wife and her friend where my car was parked and started distracting the two women.

They pretended to be asking for directions to Park Station to board Zimbabwean buses!

While my wife and her friend were directing one of the men to Park Station, the other men were on the blind side opening my car with a sharp object.

Unbeknown to the two women, the men helped themselves to the wares which were on the passengers’ seat.

They disappeared into thin air.

The hwindis, who knew me during my days at a top daily South African newspaper, inasmuch as they rushed to inform, could not identify the suspects nor did they have a clue on how the culprits made off.

The witnesses could not exactly see what the thieves or suspects were doing at the blind side since my wife and her friend were packing their items from the other side of the car.

Anger engulfed me.

So annoyed by the turn of events, but being a believer, I prayed fervently.

Instead of joining me in my prayer, they stared at me! To them I was a ‘mad’ man.

I was not deterred.

“Enough-is-enough with the devil,” I continued praying.

I retained hope the valuables will be recovered. This was despite them doubting my prayer.

After praying, I looked around whether I could see some patrolling police officers in the vicinity in order to report the crime, unfortunately, I could not see any.

I therefore rushed to the nearby Park Station Police station but could not get any help.

The officers referred me to the infamous Hillbrow Police Station some 1,5 kilometres away.

My woes worsened.

There, xenophobic police officers started probing whether I was a South African or ‘foreigner.’

I continued praying. I retained the hope God will help recover the valuables.

After a hassle, police eventually opened a file to record the case. Case CAS86/11/2015 was opened.

From Hillbrow Police, I went back to the bus terminus.

In the process of alerting the hwindis and bus conductors to help identify any suspicious men carrying a woman’s handbag, my phone rang.

There was something different about this phone alert.

It was one of the men that stole my wife’s purse, it would emerge some moments later.

I asked how he got my numbers!

He had dialed the last number my wife had dialed on the mobile phone, which itself was in the stolen bag.

The reason he called: The thieves were divided over the sharing of the loot.

I asked why he was telling me?

The man answered: “Our leader is too greedy. He does not want us to share the loot equally with us.”

There is no honour among thieves.

Without wasting time, I asked how would I recover my wife’s stolen bag.

The man said they dumped the purse at Spar Supermarket (Fontana) next to Little Rose Hotel in Jourbert Park.

I rushed there, but because of anger and worry, I missed the counter where the thieves had left the purse.

Immediately, the same thief called again to direct me to counter 12.

I approached a woman and informed him of the bag “forgotten” on counter 12.

There my wife’s bag was.

The passports, university certificates, bus ticket, our children’s birth certificates and her driver’s licence were all there. Nonetheless, two cellphones and cash amounting to R3 800 were not there.

Upon my return to the rank where I had left my wife, I pointed skywards with the purse and praised Jehovah God.

Immediately, we went to board the bus which was about to leave for Harare.

I exercised my faith, tried it, tested it and it gave me the intended results.

I prayed. It paid dividends.

Suddenly, I recalled another incident in Msinga, KwaZulu Natal where my wife used to work as a teacher.

A school girl, a daughter of a neighbor, was admitted at Tugela Ferry Hospital. The doctors admitted her for four days with intention to operate on her for an disclosed illness.

The daughter’s mother used to pray with my wife every evening.

I said in my home language, “Satan wakajaira!” It means the ‘Devil has taken advantage of people for too long’.

I asked the mother of the girl to tell me the name of her daughter.

Again, I behaved as if I was mad.

“I shouted the girl’s name praying that she be healed and came out of hospital.

After 30 minutes, she regained her health. The doctors released her after 30 minutes.

She was taken home.

The news spread to the whole of Msinga and each time I visted, I was addressed by the title, “Prophet.”

I was not. I still am not.

I simply use my spiritual rank in the House of God to confirm the power of faith.

However, some men, mainly my friends, who knew me during my days of being a drunkard questioned the power and authority that performed those two miracles.

But I could not allow the past to distract me from the moving power of Jehovah God.

I was motivated by two of my favourite great evangelists, the late PD Chiweshe of Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM), who once said, “The power of God is not performed by magic, but by faith.”

Another is Prophet of God Reverend Emmanuel Makandiwa of United Family International Church (UFIC), who once said, “People count sins of your past while Jehovah God deletes all evildoing once you confessed all your sins. All the past becomes new in totality.”

People of God, this is my short testimony. The two testimonies have strengthened my faith and trust in Jehovah God.

My motivating verses are derived from prophet Joel 2:28-30 and Mark 16:17-18.

My name is Savious-Parker Kwinika, a born-again Christian-cum- journalist with Forward In Faith ZAOGA Ministries, Berea Assembly, Johannesburg, South Africa. Amen.

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