President’s ratings fall after Boko Haram ‘ceasefire’ failure

Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan

from OKORO CHINEDU in Lagos, Nigeria
LAGOS – LATEST governance polls by a regional polling think tank suggest a drop in the number of local adults approving the performance of President Goodluck Jonathan over the last month.

According to NOIPolls, for the month of October a total of 60 percent of
adult Nigerians gave the President a thumbs up, indicating a substantial
14-points decline in the approval rating from September where it hit its
peak at 74 percent.

The polling firm sad in line with this, a general decline was experienced
in the approval rating of the President across all geo-political zones with the greatest decline seen in the North- East (28-points) and the
North-West (26-points) zones.

“This substantial decline in the rating of the President especially in the
Northern regions may have been driven by the dashed hopes of Nigerians
from failed achievements in pertinent security actions which would have
been major breakthroughs in the area of security; for instance the failure
of the ‘cease fire’ deal between the Government and ‘Boko Haram’
insurgents, as well as failure in the release of the ‘Chibok school girls’
after reassurance of their possible release in October,” NOIPolls stated.

Still in the bid to assess the President’s performance, findings revealed
that Nigerians perceived the performance of the President in key elements
of his transformation agenda including, ‘Job Creation’, ‘Power’ ‘Economy’,
‘Health’, ‘Education’, ‘Agriculture & Food Security’, ‘Transportation’ and
‘Foreign Policy & Diplomacy’ as average (3).

However, his performance on ‘Security’ was rated as very poor, implying
that Nigerians are not satisfied with his achievement on this key area of
his transformation agenda.

In addition, an assessment of the current state of power revealed a worsened state in power supply to Nigerian households as reported by (47
percent) of the respondents with a higher proportion from the
North-Central zone (58 percent).

“This poor state of power supply experienced by households across the
nation was generally due to the drop in generated power by 1 000 megawatts in October 2014.

“Finally, this setback in power supply also contributed to the downward direction of the President’s approval rating in October,” NOIPolls stated.

The results represent the tenth in the 2014 monthly series of governance
polls conducted by NOIPolls to gauge the opinions and perceptions of
Nigerians regarding the approval rating of the President, the performance
of the President on key elements of his transformation agenda, and the
state of power supply in the country.

Respondents to the poll were asked three specific questions to assess the
views of Nigerians on the performance of President Jonathan over the past

The opinion poll was conducted in the week of October 27.  It involved
telephone interviews of a random nationwide sample.

A total of 1 000 randomly selected phone-owning Nigerians aged 18 years and above, representing the six geopolitical zones in the country, were interviewed.

“With a sample of this size, we can say with 95 percent confidence that
the results obtained are statistically precise – within a range of plus or
minus 3 percent,” NOIPOlls concluded.

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